Bi-Fold Doors

Variety and Quality

Our bi-fold UPVC doors compliment any home with a modern style and design that easily blends with surrounding decor. We supply bi-fold doors in white UPVC or a wide range of wood grain options. They are ideal for opening up a room to the outside environment and letting in a large quantity of light. With modern double-glazed units available, bi-fold doors are excellent for heat retention and overall efficiency as well.

Bi-fold door options are only limited by your imagination

We can install a set of bi-fold doors in most homes, even if an opening is too small. Our expert installers can carry out all the work required to increase the size of an opening or place a set of doors where a window once was!

There is a vast range of Bi-fold and UPVC doors for consideration. Opening in, opening out, opening left or right, the number of panes included and many other options are available. Simply tell us what you desire and we will find a way to make it a reality.

All of our bi-fold door models come with our 10-year warranty standard!

Contact us today and tell is about your project!

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