Double Glazed Windows

Dowsing Home Improvements offer a wide range of different types of double glazing UPVC windows. We take great care in helping you select the best windows for your property. Double glazed windows are also known as UPVC or PVC-U which means Poly Vinyl Chloride Un-plasticized. The Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) essential ingredients are salt and oil.

The UPVC windows are consider to be a very popular choice and are made to last a very long time. They are constructed with material which is strong and hardwearing. In order to make the thermoplastic a number of different additives and stabilisers are used.

We take great care in selecting the best profile to fit the character of the property. Also the UPVC comes in different colours which includes brilliant white, dark wood grain, oak effect. It is worth noting by replacing old windows with new UPVC windows it would help to reduce the heat loss and help to reduce the energy bills. Also additional benefit is double glazing windows help to make the property more secure and reduces the level of outside noise.

All casement windows are manufactured with great care and come with double are added protection. Also the use of glazing gaskets help to maintain the frames and allows maximum daylight. Since especially in the winters lack of daylight in the property may pose a problem. It is with this problem in mind the glazing helps to eliminate the problem of reduce daylight.

We make all windows to your exact specification and measurements. So the initial consultation would offer the chance to discuss the character and style of the property and to show window samples to establish the different type of options available for the property.

Our installations help to add style, security and save heating loss to the property. It is worth noting sometimes security is one of the major reasons for replacing old windows and new double glazing windows can offer better level of security which can protect the property.

All the double glazing windows can be fitted with different types of handles available in gold, chrome and white. One of the key features about choosing double glazing UPVC windows is they need low effort in maintaining their quality and colour.

There are many different styles to choose in installing double glazing windows and include the following:

1. Casement

2. Tilt and Turn

3. Sash

4. Bay

We pride our-self on coming up with affordable solutions to meet your requirements. Since having any form of home improvements done to the house is a huge decision.

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