Front Porch Installation

A front porch is a great addition to a home as it helps to increase the value, safety and attractiveness of the property. Also it would offer to make the property more energy efficient and help to increase insulation. They offer the advantage of additional indoor space and protection from the weather.

Front porches come in different styles and design, they can be made of UPVC panels or the formation can be from bricks, they have gable, pitched, flat roof tops with tiles. There are various options to consider, windows and doors can be be selected of varying styles and colours to match and blend with the rest of the house.

The construction of a front porch may not be required to obtain planning permission, it would be acceptable as to enhance the house with a front porch provided the ground floor area and height of the porch is not in excess of three square metres. Also it must not be within 2m of any boundary with a road or footpath.

We pay great attention to the character of your home, existing windows, doors and advise on the prefect porch which meets your needs and fits in well with the style of the house . A poorly designed porch would look out of place and not be compatible with the existing design of the house. So before any new work is taken on board various types of porches are shown to help decide the best fit for your home.

We Value Our Customers

We aim to help are customers with our knowledgeable staff members and aim to create porches with the highest quality standards.

It is vital to have all aspect of a porch taken into consideration and to use material of the highest quality. We pay great attention to the groundwork, brickwork, plastering, the roof and roofline.

Further advantage of having a porch would be it helps clear the hall way by giving extra room to help store items. The use of UPVC profile is considered to help with ensuring low-maintenance and easy to clean. Also UPVC frames are treated with stabilisers and additives to aid with protection from different weather conditions, help to retain the brilliant white colour.

However other colours are also available, it would depend on the requirement of the property as to which is the best colour for the construction of the porch. Further it is worth taking into consideration the glass used is of the highest quality to ensure safety and help in the reduction of the sound coming into the property.

We try our best to ensure you get value for your money and all are porches of the highest quality and come with the peace of mind of our 10 year warranty.

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